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Booking Appointments

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact our office. We will take your details, offer you an appointment and send you a confirmation. If you have a referral letter and/or any previous medical letters, reports or information it would be helpful to have a copy. In alternative please bring all your medical reports at the time of your appointment

Consultations are scheduled at half and hour intervals.  Dr Digesu endeavours to see you as close to your appointment time as possible. However, some of our patients often have complicated problems and sometimes delays are unavoidable. Nevertheless, you will always be given plenty of time to discuss your own condition and treatment in a relaxed manner with Dr Digesu and to ask all the questions you may have to better understand the cause of your condition and the best treatment for your symptoms.

Health Insurance

Dr Digesu is recognised by all the major insurance companies such as Allianz, AXA PPP, AXA PPP International, Aviva, BUPA, BUPA Global, BUPA International, Cigna, Cigna International, Health online, Pruhealth, Vitality etc. Fees vary according to your insurer and Dr Digesu will charge within your insurance company’s rates.

After your consultation, we will send an invoice directly to your insurance company for them to settle with us, unless you advise us to the contrary. At times, the fee is not settled in full by your insurer thus the responsibility for any shortfall will be yours. Both your insurer and ourselves will advise you if this is the case.

Please note that insurance policies often require a referral letter prior to authorizing treatment.

If you are self-funding your consultation and or treatment, we will ask you to leave your credit card details with us when you book your first appointment. We will send you an invoice prior to taking payment and then issue a receipt once payment has been successfully processed.

Schedule of antenatal appointments for pregnant patients

8 weeks               Booking appointment + scan

12 weeks             Review following nuchal scan
Booking bloods
16 weeks             Antenatal Check

20 weeks             Antenatal Check

24 weeks             Antenatal Check

28 weeks            Antenatal Check
Glucose Tolerance Test and Anti-D injection if required

32 weeks            Antenatal Check

34 weeks            Antenatal Check
Anti-D injection if required, MRSA and GBS screen
Blood tests

38 weeks           Antenatal Check

39 weeks           (optional) Antenatal Check

40 weeks           (optional) Antenatal Check

6 weeks post partum    Postnatal Check

What is the integrated package of private Consultant obstetric care and what does it include?

The integrated package of private Consultant obstetric care is a set price for a package of care throughout your pregnancy, regardless of the number of consultations, or how your baby is delivered. Dr. Digesu’s fees will depends on how many weeks pregnant you are at the time of booking.

The integrated package of private Consultant obstetric care includes the following:
Initial antenatal consultation
All routine antenatal consultations
Fetal viability scan
All fetal growth scans
Fetal wellbeing scan
Delivery – any mode of delivery
38 – 40 weeks, weekly check up
All post-natal follow up consultations for six weeks following childbirth

What is not included
Blood tests
Laboratory investigations
Anomaly scan (21 – 23 week scan)
Fetal investigations (amniocentisis, chorion villus sampling (CVS), harmony test, nucal tests)
Hospital charges (any antenatal admissions)
Hospital accommodation, food or beverage charges
Pediatrician fees
Private ambulance fees
Anesthetist fees

Following your initial antenatal appointment, if you wish to be booked for an integrated package of private Consultant obstetric care, a deposit is required to be paid by the 20th week of your pregnancy or immediately on booking if you have booked your package after this date. The final balance of the fees will be due at 36 weeks. If you are not continuing under Dr. Digesu’s care after the initial consultation, a charge of £250 will be made for the consultation.

Will I be able to see my baby during each antenatal consultation?

Please be aware that Dr Digesu s scans are aimed to check fetal movements, fetal cardiac activity and growth. Dr Digesu’s scans are not aimed to detect any fetal anatomical abnormalities. For this reason Dr Digesu will suggest to have more detailed scans during the first trimester (12 weeks scan), at 20-23 weeks (anomaly scan) and at 28-32 weeks.

Dr. Digesu recommends that you have: 1. the harmony test as well as the nuchal scan which is combined with a blood test to screen for anomalies such as Downs syndrome around 11-13 weeks; 2. a detailed anomaly scan around 20-24 weeks and 3. a fetal wellbeing scan around 32-34 weeks. He collaborates with colleagues at the Fetal Medicine Foundation, 137 Harley Street, London W1G 6BG (Tel 020 7486 0476), founded by Professor Nicholaides. A leaflet will be provided at your first consultation giving you contact details. If you should require further scans during your pregnancy, again Dr. Digesu recommends going to the Fetal Medicine Foundation or the Ultrasound Diagnostic Services. You will be requested to settle your account directly with them at the time of your appointment.

Scans by Dr. Digesu performed as part of the antenatal visits (eg to check the heartbeat or position of your baby or fetal growth) do not carry an additional charge.

What will happen at the time of delivery?

Once you arrive at the Lindo Wing at the time of delivery, you will meet one of the team of midwives who will be looking after you. Dr. Digesu will liaise with your midwife to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Should an emergency arise, Dr. Digesu, the Midwife and the Consultant Anaesthetist on call will work together to provide the expert care you need. If required, your baby can be admitted to St Mary’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is one of the leading units in the country.

Mr Digesu will always aim to attend all deliveries however in the event of an emergency or unexpected situation, if he was unable to see you his covering consultant would attend your delivery.

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